Our core team:

Our core team consists of the following individuals who have strong passion for farming.

Dr. Amit Das, Ph.D.
(Chief Scientific Officer)

Amit Das is an agriculture scientist by profession with more than seventeen years of research experience in plant science. Amit has carried out his doctoral research on plant pathology in internationally acclaimed Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, a CSIR Institute and received Ph.D. degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Later he served as a research scientist in a world reputed MNC for nine years. Amit brings vast experience and knowledge on advanced agriculture techniques and agriculture biotechnology.

Rajib Dam
(Head, Business Strategy)

Rajib Dam is an information technology expert with almost two decades of experience in software development. Rajib is a Masters In Computer Applications (MCA) with a dynamic experience in business development and financial knowledge. He has profound experience in software and financial industry with a passion for farming. He has worked at different capacity in various reputed software farms for over seventeen years and learned several software skills. Rajib brings dynamic experience in software development and leadership skill to the team.

Biplab Ghosh
(Head, Business Operation)

Biplab Ghosh is a software application expert by profession with a strong passion for agriculture and quite familiar with farming community. Biplab is a graduate in literature with vast experience in rural life. He is well versed with the software development for farmers groups and societies, training of farmers on various aspects as well as different financial organizations and others stakeholders who work closely with farmers’ cooperative societies. Biplab brings practical knowledge on working closely with farmers’ groups and their financial management in addition to software application knowledge.


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  • Our business is based on honesty, mutual trust and respect and innovation while constantly caring values for our customers and shareholders.